Building a New Custom Home

Building A New Custom Home

If you’re considering building a new Custom Home or a Custom Home Builder, Architect or Designer we invite you to visit us any one of our 7 showrooms in Northwest Washington and British Columbia.

When you do, you too will realize that Westeck Windows and Doors are significantly different compared to the average window and door manufacturer.

The ranges of products we offer, specifically for Custom Homes, the quality of material, the fabrication and installation process is second to none.

Defining a Custom Home

Defining A Custom Home

With any Custom Home, elegance, style and uniqueness are three desires that all home owners require. Something that sets them and their Custom Home apart from a typical residence.
Windows and Doors play a significant role in defining a Custom Home. Westeck Windows and Doors are the definition of elegance, style and uniqueness and so form an integral part of the overall relationship between a Home Owner, Architect/Designer and the Custom Home Developer.
Together, we can make the home owners dreams come true, by providing quality products with a level of service that exceeds all expectations befitting of a Custom Home.

Westeck GrandView MultiSlide Patio Door

The GrandView MultiSlide Patio Door

The GrandView MultiSlide is a Patio Door like no other.
Its distinctive look and feel allows for effortless use, while bringing the outside in.
The GrandView MultiSlide is a prominent feature for any Custom Home and one that not only adds considerable value to your Custom Home, but is the Gateway to the outside and will be the envy of everybody that doesn’t have one.

Westeck Windows and Doors - Pure Elegance

Pure Elegance

WESTECK WINDOWS AND DOORS: “Distinction without compromise”

Pure elegance is the only way to describe the beauty of Custom Windows and Doors from Westeck Windows and Doors.

All Architects, Designers and Custom Home Builders want to create a Custom Home that demonstrates a sense of flair, imagination and creativity. Something unique and one that captures the full essence that transitional windows can bring.

Westeck Windows and Doors affords you a range of products that enables those aspirations to become a reality.

Westeck Windows - Quality Service and Value

Quality, Service and Value.

WESTECK WINDOWS AND DOORS: “Distinction without compromise”.
Quality, Service and Value is synonymous with Westeck Windows and Doors.
Its the inherent belief of the CEO, President and Owner of Westeck Windows and Doors, Casey Kirkhoff, that if we are to provide products and service they must be of the highest quality to meet the specific needs of our customer.
Custom Homes by their very definition are unique and are the dreams of those seeking comfort in the knowledge they have a home specific to them, their tastes and desires.