Deep retrofits - energy efficient windows

Training Up For Deep Retrofits

Preparing our homes and buildings for the new climate and energy reality is a multi-decade megaproject. Deep retrofits will make our existing buildings healthier, safer, and less polluting, and create jobs in every part of Canada. As we rebuild the economy, we need to equip the workforce with the skills required to handle the coming wave of retrofit projects.

rebuilding BC

A Prosperous, Clean-Energy Future

According to the Pembina Institute, the B.C. government should ensure that economic relief and stimulus programs enhance and accelerate progress toward the vision and goals of the province’s climate plan, CleanBC.
Today, the Pembina Institute released Rebuilding a Resilient B.C., an action plan for investing in jobs and better health and well-being for British Columbians.

Build Back Better

Build Back, Better

Throughout the pandemic we’ve addressed the need for a climate-friendly recovery to stave off the bigger global crisis of climate change and the importance of economic stimulus for green job creation as Canada seeks to rebuild a better economy coming out of this pandemic.