Max Thermal

MAX Thermal

Modern design homes demand large windows, patio openings and doors, yet these critical components can account for 30-40% of a home’s heat loss. With soaring energy costs, environmental and sustainability issues, window and door thermal performance is a key consideration in today’s home design.

Westeck - Argon Gas Thermal Performance

Your Westeck Windows and Doors are Full of Gas!

It’s true, every window and door with glass in it comes with the sealed unit with about 95% argon gas in it. With today’s thermal performance requirements these products use every available technology to reach these increasingly challenging performance depths. The lower the U value the better the thermal performance.

Opening New Possibilities with Western Window Systems

Westeck Partners With Western Window Systems

On behalf of Westeck Windows and Doors, I am excited to officially announce our partnership with Western Window Systems of Phoenix, Arizona. The forging of this relationship has been a 3+ year journey. A journey filled with challenges and obstacles as Western worked diligently to design and produce a window and door system that would meet the advanced thermal and structural requirements of the Pacific North West/Western Canadian markets.

Westeck Team

Buildex 2018

Visitors at the Buildex Tradeshow were able to take part in a demonstration of Western Window System’s 90 Degree Multislide in action, noted the view this Patio Opening creates. What most people mention when they first see this beautiful patio opening “Look at that-full unobstructed view!”

Amazing Features

Amazing Features

When you look at a beautiful custom home you can’t help but notice some amazing features. The primary one being the Windows and Doors.
Looking out you see a seamless expanse.
Looking in you see the warmth of a home.
A House only becomes a Home when you add your personal touch. At Westeck Windows and Doors we’re here to help you add that personal touch.